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Face and Neck Lift Q&As

What is a facelift?
A facelift is a surgical procedure that tightens/lifts lax skin and the underlying tissues of the face and neck. This procedure helps with sagging jowls and lax skin around the face area (decreasing prominence of the nasolabial folds and deep creases). It leaves the face with a more youthful appearance.

Will I have scarring after my facelift?
Usually the scarring is just in front of the ear but it depends on what you need, sometimes the surgeon combines and eyelift or a neck lift with a facelift then there will be some scarring elsewhere but the scarring will start off as a red line and then will fade to a white line over the healing period of a few month. When the scars have settled it is best to massage them to stimulate or to speed maturation quicker.

When can I go back to work after?
Usually we recommend 2 weeks before going back to work but that depends on other factors like your occupation and how well you heal. Mr. Oudit will advise you on this at your consultation.

When will the swelling go down?
The swelling will remain for a few weeks after but like most surgeries you can have some swelling for a bit longer. The final outcome is best assessed after 4-6 weeks. It can sometimes feel a little bit irregular, but this will settle.

When can I exercise after a Facelift?
We always advise no exercise for two weeks after, moderate walking can be done in these two weeks but nothing strenuous. Your surgeon will advise you properly on when you can go back to strenuous exercise but after four weeks you can so gentle exercise.

When can I get my wounds wet?
For the first week we recommend not getting them wet at all, after that we say to keep them mostly dry for the second week. Then after that you are ok to go back to normal practise, but avoid swimming pools until the wound are completely healed because of infection.

Is there a Non-Surgical option to Facelift?
There are a few non-surgical options such as radio frequency, CO2 Ablative laser but these are not suitable for most patients and would depend on the outcome desired. CO2 fractional resurfacing is suitable for patients with fine wrinkles which are not correctable with a facelift. In such patients, the optimal outcome can be achieved by combining CO2 lasers with a face/neck lift. Mr. Oudit will advise you appropriately after an assessment.

What treatment combines with the Facelift?
We often combine the CO2 Fractional-Ablative Laser with the facelift, this completely renews the texture of the skin, combined with the facelift helping the sagging it give the most perfect results. The healing time for this is around 7-10 days, we can do it before or after the surgery.

I have already had facial surgery can I have it again?
Yes you can, it does depend on the severity of the previous surgery. Mr. Oudit can go through all of this at your consultation.