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Rosacea IPL Laser treatment

Our Rebright IPL Laser is used for the treatment of pigmentation, discolouration, Vascular out brakes of redness, Sun- spots, Age- spots and Sun damage. As we all know, ageing skin isn’t just about the lines and wrinkles we incur as we age but also the noticeable discolouration of our skin through various factors, such as sun damage (creates pigmentation/sun spots), vascular outbreaks and areas of redness (most people get these around the nose/cheeks as they age) diet, health and so on.

How it works
Rebright technology mostly eradicates all signs of discolouration by selectively heating and eliminating them directly to help provide a flawless ‘airbrushed’ appearance, dramatically reducing the appearance of ageing skin.

Benefits of the treatment
skin is left visibly clearer and even. Redness and discolouration is considerably evened out giving a more flawless and all over evenness to the completion

Treatment summery:
procedure time 25 minuets
Full recovery 24 hours
Back to work immediately
sensitivity period up to 24 hours after treatment
Anaesthetic period none needed
Risk and complications extremely low
Results instant

Post treatment care

  • Avoid Sun exposure or tanning beds for four weeks, following treatment. Use SPF+50 is essential.
  • Avoid Bleached creams or perfumed products for 24 hours.
  • Avoid wearing makeup for 24 hours.
  • Avoid hot baths, showers, steam rooms and saunas for 24 hours
  • Keep treated area clean and dry
  • If the area feels hot or swollen, use cool packs, (wet cotton pads with cold water) this will reduce Erythema and swelling.
  • If blistering occurs, do not pick or scratch the treated area.
  • If any unexpected skin reaction occurs please contact My Cosmetic Clinic, we will provide you with further post treatment advice.