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Stretchmark laser Treatment

How does it work?
Resurface is the first and most powerful technology of the 3Juve lasers available. Targeting your epidermis (top layer of skin), Resurface causes dramatic skin renewal and retextures the skins surface. This helps to repair stretchmark skin and smooth out any uneven areas leading to a ‘silky’ soft skin texture. In addition to skin renewal

Downtime and post treatment care?
For about one week after the laser treatment, the epidermal debris on the stratum corneum will give the treated area a bronzed, rough appearance. The epidermal debris naturally exfoliates as the reorganized epidermal skin replaces the dead tissue. Gradually the treated skin naturally flakes away, skin colour, tone and laxity will all improve and continue to improve over time as the recovery cycle continues.
Makeup and facial creams should be avoided till 48hours after however SPF50+ should be applied daily
Skin can remain red after treatment to up to 3 days then red and flaky afterwards for up to a week after.

Who else also can have this treatment?
Any clients with uneven skin texture
Any clients with static lines
Acne scarring
Stretch marks
Pitted wholes from acne and facial scars