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Tummy Tuck Q&As

What is a tummy tuck?
A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that improves the contours of the abdomen by removing excess skin and fat and tightening the abdominal muscles. There are many approaches to a tummy tuck. All tummy tucks are totally different and need different things to achieve the desired results. But in a traditional (or full) procedure, the surgeon usually removes excess skin from above and below your belly button and then pulls the remaining skin and muscles tight, making your abdomen flat while creating a new opening and position for your belly button.

What is the time I need off work after Tummy Tuck
It totally depends on the job you’re in. If you’re in a strenuous job it will be longer than most, but two weeks is the guideline for the time off work. It also depends on the severity of the Tummy Tuck but your surgeon will go through all of this with you.

Will I have scarring from my Tummy Tuck?
There will be scarring after your Tummy Tuck, where they are placed will be down to your needs and the surgeons decision on what’s best for you, often they will be just above the pubic bone and a small one around the belly button but sometimes depending on the severity they can be vertical
scars too.

Will my tummy button need to be relocated during an abdominoplasty?
Often relocation of the tummy button is required. There will be scars around the tummy button that take time to settle. In certain scenarios one can leave the tummy button intact on the skin surface but reposition the tummy button internally.

When can I get the wounds wet?
We normally advise patients to keep the wounds dry for the first week following surgery.
Occasionally patients do get the wounds wet and this does not seem to be detrimental to healing. I would not advise bathing the wounds following surgery during the first couple of weeks. We would not recommend swimming pools or Jacuzzis until the wounds are completely healed.

When can I exercise following a Tummy Tuck?
We recommend you don’t do anything other that walking for 3-4 weeks, after that you can start some light exercises and then at 6-8 weeks presuming your healing process has been normal you can resume to normal exercise but just be aware of your body and if you feel its too much you may need
to start off slower.
I have lots of excess skin but I’m planning on more children in the future.
A Tummy Tuck is best performed after you have completed your family. Although there is no absolute contraindication to an abdominoplasty and there is no evidence that it would affect any subsequent pregnancy, but we can go through this at a consultation with your surgeon where they would go through the pros and cons.

What BMI do I have to be to get a Tummy Tuck?
So, if you’re on a weight loss journey its always best to make sure you’re at your stable end weight before getting a tummy tuck. The lower the body mass index the better the result will be able to be because the reduction in fat will make the skin retract. Getting your BMI to less that 30 will also reduce the risk for complications.

How much does an abdominoplasty cost?
The cost of an abdominoplasty depends on what result you wish to achieve and the extent of the fat and skin excess. A consultation will help to determine what type of abdominoplasty is best for you. You will always be able to discuss the cost of surgery after a consultation.

Am I under a general aesthetic or a local?
Wish this procedure you must be put to sleep under a General Anaesthetic, it is a long procedure and include a vast area so you would need to be asleep for the surgeon to perform properly.

Can I have a breast augmentation or lift at the same time?
Yes, this package is available with our Surgeon it’s not an uncommon request