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Vaser Liposuction Q&As

What is Vaser?
Vaser is an advanced body sculpting procedure that eliminates fat to reshape and contour your body, it uses ultrasound to break down the fat cells and removes them from the surrounding tissue before it is removed.

Why is it better than normal liposuction?
You have less swelling a downtime from Vaser liposuction than normal lipo suction because it does not affect the surrounding tissues and damage them, which result in less bruising and less pain after surgery. You can also achieve a smoother finish with Vaser.

What can I achieve with it?
You can achieve a more sculpted appearance, with the Vaser Hi Def e.g. around the abdominal area. It all depends on you as an individual, the fat can be sculpted to give the illusion of ‘abs’- this is part of the sculpting. We can talk about your experience on your consultation and the surgeon will go over what’s best for you.

What areas can be treated?
It can be performed on a range of areas, including the thighs, hips, butt, abdomen, flanks, arms, neck, and under the chin. 

Am I a good candidate for Vaser?
If you have stubborn areas of fat that you can’t help with diet and exercise Vaser is for you. We would get the surgeon to examine the areas on consultation and see what’s the best solution.

What is the recovery period for Vaser Liposuction?
Vaser recovery is a lot less than your normal liposuction. Depending on the areas you would like to have- some can be done under a local anaesthetic were as if you’re having a few areas its likely to be done under a general anaesthetic, because of the nature of the procedure you’re not damaging the surrounding tissue you’re able to recover a lot quicker.

What will the bruising be like?
Depending on the severity of the procedure the bruising should be minimal. And localised in the areas treated.

What can I do to help the results?
You will need to wear a garment day and night for two-six weeks depending on the advice of your surgeon.
Lymphatic massage is a great way to help drain any excess fluid your body is holding after the surgery and helps with the results also. We can recommend someone to you for this.

What are the scars like?
The scars will be up to a cm in length, they will be hidden and will most likely fade over a month or two.

How long until I can exercise?
Depending on the severity of the procedure 2-4 weeks, your surgeon will advise accordingly on your consultation.

How long until I can go back to work?
Usually it’s a matter of days before you can get back to work with Vaser lipo suction, but we like to give a better idea on consultations- it wouldn’t be more than a week.

What happens if I gain weight post-surgery?
The fat cells that remain can expand, Vaser liposuction is permanent but it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet after surgery to gain maximum results.